Monday, April 28, 2014

musch camp overnighter

This trip was an experiment in minimalism. Maybe not minimalism, but rather an experiment in being a total cheapskate and not buying any new equipment to make my life easier. This meant a very mickey mouse attempt at attaching an old rope bag to my saddle and finding a way to affix my tarp and pad to my handlebars with an extra long bungee cord.
Musch Camp in Topanga State Park lies just beyond Eagle Rock along the Backbone Trail. I've been out that way on my rigid and mildly antiquated Curtlo but I wanted to see if I could get there on a proper mountain bike. That way, I could actually enjoy the ride instead of getting so rattled my teeth fall out. The site has water, toilets, and has car access. I can't say what it might be like on the weekends, but my Thursday night there had little foot traffic and no other campers.
In summary, this trip was pretty uneventful. I rode, ate a little, drank a little, and slept in the dirt as planned. I went to the Big Boy in Northridge the next morning to eat OD amounts of their breakfast buffet but they removed it. Man, fuck this trip.

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